Sharing Experiences & Exploring Possibilities

As I look back over the last year, I realise how much I have changed. If somebody had told me in January that by September I would be setting up my own Social Media & Marketing business I would have smiled politely, and thought how kind that person was – deluded, but kind.

Yet here I am, blogging about projects that I am working on and the exciting times ahead. My most recent project is as Head of Social and Community Outreach interviewer for the project ‘Share Your MS Experience’ 

This is a project that is extremely close to my heart – both my father and several friends have MS, and I am so pleased that I have the spare time to give to help explore this condition. Together with John and Sophie Ellison (and their copious amounts of tea, enthusiasm and kindness), a team of three has been created to identify any pressing, unmet needs for those with MS.

I manage the ‘Share Your MS Experience’ Facebook page and our Twitter account @ExploringMS. I’m delighted to say that I will be doing a Twitter Takeover for national charity Shift MS early next year. For two days I will take over their Twitter account, allowing me to convey our message to over 10,000 followers, and to find out what it’s like to live with MS.

Liberally peppered with more light hearted chat, the Twitter Takeover should be an uplifting yet informative way to use social media within a charity/ social enterprise context. Here’s to 2017!