The Beginning of a New Adventure

So, here it is, my first blog. To begin at the beginning…

This wonderful website, a gorgeous cyber world of sleek design, simple beauty and all round loveliness is the result of months of planning and preparation. Ok, two months of planning and preparation, and years of experience.

Lucy Gurteen Social Media and Marketing has come about very quickly, ‘by popular demand’. Having spent several years revelling in the delights of social media and marketing (a niche penchant, I’ll admit), I was coming to the end of my contract. Several people had been approaching me asking for help with social media and I’d always had to turn them down because of work commitments.

Then the stars aligned and something wonderful happened. With a healthy dose of enthusiasm and the encouragement of those nearest and dearest to me I decided to become one of those brave, slightly mysterious people who call themselves ‘self employed’.

The result is a unique opportunity for me to give back to my community through marketing – I call it marketing with a heart. By specialising in working with small businesses and social enterprises, I am able to provide high quality social media and marketing services to those who need it most.

I have also been lucky enough to be awarded a place on the Dream On Blossom Programme – but you will have to come back another day to read about that…