My Top 5 Ingredients For A Tasty Blog

What made you decide to read this article – apart from the fact that it’s written by your favourite blogger of course?!

If you’re anything like me, and much of the blog-reading public, the enticing promise of a numerical list of enlightening tips is almost irresistible. It promises knowledge, brevity and structure. As humans, we are drawn to things that are neatly categorised and our modern lifestyles dictate a snappy article that won’t hinder the pace of our day.

There are many ways to encourage people to click onto your blog – in fact, this is probably the easiest bit. Getting them to read to the end however, is a different matter. (Please leave now if you’re bored already). I’ve compiled a simple recipe for you to follow that will guarantee your readers come back for second helpings time and time again…

1.       A Catchy Title

Readers are often attracted by titles that pose questions. For example, rather than making a statement such as “Creating a Vintage Look on a Budget” try “How can I Create a Vintage Look on a Budget?” This also works really well as a technique for increasing engagement on social media. Try to keep titles (and indeed the blog itself) as snappy as possible.

2.       Bullet points/ Lists

Bullet points and lists are appealing to the eye and break up vast swathes of texts, encouraging your reader to stick with the article until the end. They are particularly appealing to readers with a visual, photographic memory.


I think we all secretly like the odd quote here and there, even though they can sometimes be clichéd. Try to find a quote that sums up your blog (either a highlight from the blog itself or a quote from a reliable source) and feature it about half-way down in a larger font, perhaps italicized and/or bold, with speech marks. Don’t forget to credit the author if necessary!

4.       An Enticing Image

An intriguing accompanying image is almost as important as your title. Try to find copyright free images from websites such as To give your blog a professional look, it’s imperative to use high quality, focused images. Use an image that works well with your brand, and is scalable for social media posts.

5.       Social Media Links

Don’t forget that your readers may also be interested in following you further – blogs are an ideal opportunity to direct your audience to your social media platforms, ensuring that they stay up to date and you boost engagement – everyone’s a winner!

Blogging is without doubt one of the most creative and easily accessible ways we have to express ourselves today. If you have a laptop and a subject you’re passionate about, you can blog.

As a creative person, I absolutely love blogging, and have worked on a variety of blogs for individuals, charities and businesses. There is the flexibility to use your personal voice (as I have here), to ‘ghost write’ blogs for organisations using their brand voice, to write collaboratively with a customer or simply to advise, proof-read and edit.

For us digital marketing types, it’s also a great way to increase social media engagement, and drive traffic to your website by using SEO techniques – but that’s a story for another day…

Disclaimer: I will be the first to admit I don’t use all of my tasty ingredients for each of my blogs – I like to think of them as the “cobbler’s shoe” of the blogging world.