Having a clear brand identity gives your organisation visual strength and enhances its professional reputation. It's surprising the amount of damage that can be done by a mismatched colour palette, competing fonts and consistent typos! 

I am able to advise you on branding, and can develop branding guidelines in conjunction with your design agency; these allow you to check that your output is always on-brand. 

It is especially important to identify your 'brand voice' and use it consistently - this is a great area for us to work on together if you're unsure of this aspect of your branding. 

I can create, amend and brand-check any online or offline marketing materials for you. I also have a network of high quality, affordable suppliers that I can refer you to for production of marketing materials. 

Let's strengthen your brand and grow your audience! Use my creativity to: 

  • Create your own branding guidelines
  • Design and disseminate printed materials
  • Source quality economical suppliers of marketing materials
  • Check all branding before dissemination
  • Enhance your website
  • Advise you on images
  • Develop and use your brand voice